Fujifilm X-E1 Classic Chrome Profile
Fujifilm X-Pro1 ACROS Profile

Fuji XTrans 1 Classic Chrome

Canon R5 Fuji CLassic Chrome

Sony A6300/6500 EOS Standard

Fuji XTrans 1 ACROS +G

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Matching Color Science

Color Converge profiles for Adobe Lightroom and Camera Raw were created to allow photographers the ability to utilize another camera system’s color science. These are not presets, instead these profiles give you the same starting point color-wise as if the images were shot on the target system.

Raw files from modern digital cameras have tremendous flexibility, however using the built-in tools in applications like Adobe's Lightroom and Camera Raw are not adequate when trying to replicate color from another camera system. These tools are simply not made for fine color adjustments.

If you would like a fresh starting point for your edits, more creative flexibility, and a way to change camera systems but keep the same color and use your existing presets then these profiles are for you.

Adobe Camera Matching Profiles