Sony A6300 & A6500 - EOS Standard

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Canon's gorgeous color and skin tones are now available for the Sony A6300 and A6500 with our EOS Standard profile. This profile cleans up the dreaded magenta cast that pollutes the red channel and provides a great starting point for further edits. This is a nice do it all profile but really excels for portraiture.

Unlike presets our profiles do not utilize Lightroom's built-in tools so you will maintain a fresh starting point for edits and have the capability to apply presets made for Canon cameras when using this profile.


* Compatible with Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC & Camera Raw CC. Not compatible with Lightroom 6 and earlier versions. These profiles are for RAW images only. Like any imaging profile best results will be achieved with a well lit and white balanced image. There are many variables involved with matching color science and it is not possible to create a profile that will match two different cameras for every possible lighting scenario and lens choice much less sensor variation. However I believe the results from these profiles are as close as you can possibly get without shooting on a different camera system.